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Which products do I need for smart solutions?

Making your home smart is of course a broad concept. On this page you will find exactly which Smart Home home automation products you need for your needs! If something is still not clear, you can of course contact us without obligation, we are happy to help you!

Lighting switches

Do you want to be able to switch your lighting/lamps on and off from your mobile or tablet, without the physical switch becoming inoperative? Then we have two categories of smart switches for you!

1. Plug switches

Do you want to keep the freedom to use the switch for another lamp or to place the lamp in a different place? Then you can opt for a switch that you plug into an existing socket, the so-called WiFi plug switch. We have this in two variants, one with power consumption measurement and one without.

- Wifi plug switch with power consumption measurement

- Wifi plug switch

Tip: These plug switches are not only suitable for lighting, but for all devices that have a physical on/off button. For example, a TV, coffee maker (not suitable for modern coffee makers), kettle, etc. Of course, you still have to fill the devices yourself ;) But you can switch almost every device on or off via your smartphone. If you also want to be able to control your TV with your mobile, scroll further down to the smart remote control!

2. Built-in switches

You place these WiFi built-in modules behind an existing light switch, so you won't see anything of this anymore! The advantage of our built-in switch modules is that the old (physical) switch also continues to work and is not replaced. We also have two variants of the built-in WiFi modules. The only difference is that one is for a single switch and the other is for a double switch (see pictures).

- Wifi built-in switch module for single switch

- Wifi built-in switching module for double switch



Dimmers are indispensable if you want to create atmosphere in your room, while you need brighter light at other times. Our WiFi dimmers can of course also be operated from your phone or tablet. You can even set up schedules to automatically dim your lights after a certain time, or to have all your lights dim at the same time. The dimmers that we offer are suitable for both LED and incandescent lamps. The dimmers are divided into three categories.

1. Plug dimmers

The same story applies to the plug dimmers as to the plug switches: you can always easily change the socket and use them in a different place (unlike the built-in modules).

- Wifi plug dimmer


2. Built-in dimmers

In terms of operation in the Smart Life app, the built-in dimmers are the same as a plug dimmer. But the difference is that you no longer see a built-in dimmer, because it is behind your push/pulse switch or standard rotary knob dimmer.

- WiFi built-in dimmer (behind standard rotary knob built-in!)

- WiFi built-in dimmer (behind push/pulse switch!)

- Wifi built-in dimmer double (behind push/pulse switch!)

Please note that the built-in dimmer cannot be placed behind a normal on/off switch! This is easy to solve by purchasing a push/pulse switch of the brand of which your switch is for a few euros. If you are unable to resolve this, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service! We would like to help you with this.

It is important that you order the right type of built-in dimmer (see pictures)!


3. Standard built-in dimmer (no WiFi!)

In addition to our smart WiFi dimmers, we also offer the standard dimmer that is not smart. This is a normal dimmer that is placed in the socket instead of a switch. This standard rotary knob built-in dimmer is also suitable for both LED and incandescent lamps.

- Standard built-in dimmer rotary knob (without WiFi)


It is important that you order the right type of built-in dimmer (see pictures)!



Switches for curtains and screens

If you have curtains or sunscreens that can be operated with a switch, you can expand them with a smart WiFi curtain/screen switch! The normal switch retains its function, but now you can also operate the screens from your mobile. Note: the normal switch must be a pulse/push switch, just like the dimmer modules. You can easily order this via your installer.

An advantage of a smart curtain/screen switch that you may not think of so quickly is that you can set the app to automatically raise your screens as soon as it starts to rain. This prevents your screens from getting wet and dirty. Another example is you can set your screens to go down automatically when the sun starts to shine brightly in the summer. This ensures that your house stays extra cool! This way you can make your home work for you, without having to worry about it. All our Smart Home home automation products also work with Google Home, for example, so you could even open or close your curtains with your voice.

The smart curtain/screen switches can be divided into two categories:


1. Smart curtain/screen switch Wifi

This smart switch can be connected to WiFi in the Smart Life app (or another platform such as Google Home). The original control/switch also retains its function.

- Curtain/screen switch Wifi

Application example : In a house there are screens on every floor that can be operated with a switch. These switches can be expanded with our WiFi modules. These screens can then be operated in the app, and can all be connected, for example, so that they open and/or close at the same time. This way you never have to walk upstairs to open or close the screens there!

2. Smart curtain/screen switch Wifi + remote control

This smart switch is the same as the regular WiFi switch, but has the addition that it can also be operated with a remote control. If you have several screens or curtains in your house, you only need to order one remote control.

- Curtain/screen switch Wifi + remote control

Application example : You can operate your screens or curtains with this WiFi + RF module as an extra option with a remote control. You can choose between a 1 channel and a 9 channel remote control:
- With the 1 channel remote control you can operate 1 RF module. But you can link this one module to other screens in the app. This is useful, for example, if you want to close all your screens at the same time

- With the 9 channel remote control you can control up to 9 different RF modules. This way you can operate your screens at the front separately from the back from the couch. And then close your curtains just as easily!


Smart light sensor

Wouldn't it be nice if your outdoor lights switch on automatically as soon as it gets dusk or dark? This product can be combined well with the Smart Home lighting switches. This light sensor detects whether it is getting light or dark and can therefore be used to set switches even better.

- Wifi light sensor


Smart remote control

This is perhaps one of the most functional Smart Home products out there, but this remote control is quickly underestimated. It can replace 90% of all remote controls!

What if you can operate the TV from your mobile or tablet? In the app you can select your TV brand and model and get the exact remote control of your TV on your mobile. With this you can, for example, zap, turn the volume up or down and turn the TV on or off. But this smart remote control is also very suitable for operating and setting an air conditioner from your mobile, almost any air conditioner (with a remote control already) is suitable for it!

- Smart remote control IR + Wifi

If you want to know more about which devices you can use this smart remote control for, feel free to contact us! info@createyoursmarthome.nl


Access and security

Smart smoke detector

'What do you need a smart smoke detector for?' I hear you think. A Smart smoke detector does not immediately provide you with much convenience, like other Smart Home products, but it does increase safety at home! In the Netherlands, it has been mandatory since 2003 to have a smoke detector on every floor in newly built houses. (Rijksoverheid, 2020) There is already talk of introducing this rule for existing houses as well.

But what is the advantage of a smart smoke detector? When smoke is detected in the house, you will receive an alarm on your smartphone. So even if you are not at home at that time, you will immediately see that the smoke detectors are going off at home. This way you can intervene quickly and immediately call 112! This can ensure that the damage is much less than if you had a standard smoke detector. You can order the smart smoke detector via the link below:

- Smart Wifi smoke detector


We are working on expanding our range. Can't find what you're looking for, or do you have any suggestions? Let us know!