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5 tips to make your home invisibly smart

Do you want to make your home smart, but not so visible? These are five tips to create an invisible smart home.

There are all kinds of reasons to turn your home into a smart home. Check out our six reasons to create a smart home . One of the reasons not to do that is because you don't feel like placing all kinds of devices in your interior. However, you don't have to have screens and ugly wires everywhere to live in a smart home. With these tips you can create an invisible smart home.

1. Make dumb devices smart with smart plugs

If you don't feel like purchasing new appliances that don't match your interior, make your existing appliances smart with smart plugs. You place this in the socket, after which you simply plug in the plug of your device. For example a lamp. You can then turn the devices on and off with your phone or voice.

invisible smart home

2. Smart speakers don't have to be in sight

Smart speakers don't always have the best looks, but we have good news: they don't have to be in plain sight to work. Of course it is ideal if a speaker has the space and there is nothing in front of it if you want to listen to music. However, this is not necessary at all for understanding and executing assignments. So place the speaker in a cupboard, behind a plant or perhaps even above a suspended ceiling.

3. Focus on lighting

One of the nicest ways to make your home smart is through lighting. By using smart lamps, you can change the atmosphere in your home at the touch of a button by changing the color or by dimming the light. It is also very practical, because you no longer have to walk to the light switch to turn the lights on and off.

The biggest advantage of smart lighting is that it is practically invisible. You put the smart lamps in your existing fixtures and no one realizes that there is so much technology in your home.

4. Control everything with your smartphone

There are a ton of ways to control your smart home these days. For example, you can hang up a smart screen and use voice assistants through speakers. But do you want to keep it as invisible as possible? Then just use your phone; you always have it with you.

5. Use sensors

Do you find using a smartphone too much of a hassle, but don't want to hang buttons everywhere? Then think about sensors. You can place these low so that they are not in sight, but if you walk past them they will be activated. Super handy for your lights.

Source: This is an article from Androidplanet.nl: 5 tips to make your home invisibly smart