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6 reasons to turn your house into a smart home

5 reasons to turn your house into a smart home

Still skeptical about the usefulness of smart devices in your home? We list six reasons to turn your house into a smart home.

6 reasons for a smart home

A smart home can sound like too much hassle, or unnecessary luxury. We've been doing without smart thermostats, smart lights and voice assistants in every room for ages. Why do we suddenly have to tack with all kinds of expensive devices? Good point, but there are also several reasons why it is a particularly good idea to turn your home into a smart home. We list them.

1. Convenience

Convenience is the main reason for most people to buy smart devices. For example, you no longer have to get up to walk to the light switch, if you can simply switch on the lights with an app or your voice. This applies to all kinds of devices. It becomes even easier if you automate things. For example, that the lights turn on automatically when it gets dark.

A voice assistant in every room is also very convenient, because you can always ask questions, check the weather, start music and so on. You don't even have to scroll through menus on Netflix anymore, because you can start your favorite series just by asking your voice assistant. Once you get used to the convenience of a smart home, you won't want to go back.

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With smart devices you can greatly expand the possibilities in your home. Just take smart lamps. Normal lamps can be turned on and off. With a dimmer you can possibly adjust the strength of the light.

If you buy a smart lamp, such as those from Philips Hue, you suddenly get a huge spectrum of colors to choose from, giving your home a completely different atmosphere in one fell swoop. You can add similar new functions to your home with other devices.

3. Accessibility

Smart devices can make your home a lot more accessible. For people with a disability it is not always obvious that buttons can be pressed or screens can be read. But via a smartphone, with all the accessibility options that entails, or a voice assistant, smart devices can be easily controlled by everyone.

4. Security

Another reason for a smart home is to improve the security of your home. Smart cameras keep track of whether someone comes into or near your house who shouldn't be there, and sends you a notification about this. A smart smoke detector can alert your phone if there's a fire in your home. Via a camera and your smartphone you can see whether your child is still safe.

5. Durability

A lot can be automated through smart devices. Think of lights that automatically turn off when you're gone, or the thermostat that automatically lowers when you go to bed. This way you ensure that your devices do not run unnecessarily long and consume power. That's better for the planet and of course your wallet.

6. Cost savings

A smart home can turn back the thermostats when you're on vacation or when you're sleeping at night. It can also turn off the lights automatically. Over time, you can save a surprising amount on heating, cooling, and electricity costs.

Source: This is an article from Androidplanet.nl: https://www.androidplanet.nl/nieuws/smart-home-redenen/