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  • Zigbee protocol

    ZigBee is a communication protocol widely used in home automation. It connects LEDs and many other products in the Smart Home from different manufacturers. We explain what advantages the ZigBee standard offers you.
  • 6 reasons to turn your house into a smart home

    Still skeptical about the usefulness of smart devices in your home? We list six reasons to turn your house into a smart home.
  • 5 tips to make your home invisibly smart

    Do you want to make your home smart, but not so visible? These are five tips to create an invisible smart home.
  • General installation guide

    General installation manual for setting up Smart Home products in the Smart Life app
  • Which products do I need for smart solutions?

    Making your home smart is of course a broad concept. On this page you will find exactly which Smart Home home automation products you need for your needs!