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Zigbee plug dimmer
Zigbee plug dimmer
Zigbee plug dimmer
Zigbee plug dimmer

Zigbee plug dimmer

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Smart Home Zigbee plug dimmer (LED)

How do you imagine your most practical living room? Nowadays you can already see smart products in many homes. How would you like it if you could control the lights from your mobile or tablet? And not just in the living room, but throughout the house! With this Zigbee plug dimmer you can control your lighting with both the physical rotary knob on the plug and with an app on your smartphone. This plug dimmer can also be used in any home.

Note: you need a hub to use Zigbee products. You can find these here. You can read more information about the Zigbee protocol here .


With the smart Zigbee dimmers you can create more atmosphere in your home. You can set your lamps to dim automatically when it gets a little later in the evening. You can easily set this up with the smart clock programs and tap-to-run commands. But at times when you need good light, you can easily turn the lights a bit brighter with the app on your phone!

If you are looking for a smart solution for lighting without a plug, a built-in dimmer might be an option!

Make your lighting sustainable!

By making your lighting smart, you are working sustainably and save electricity at the same time! It often happens that people leave their lights on for a long time or forget to turn off the lights. But with the Smart Home products you can easily set a time schedule. By setting schedules you will probably use much less power than before, this will be rewarded with a lower energy bill and is also good for the environment!

The advantage of a Zigbee plug dimmer compared to a built-in dimmer is that you can still move the plug to another place. The advantage of a built-in dimmer is that you no longer see it, because it is concealed behind your normal wall switch.

Smart Home series

This Zigbee plug dimmer is a separate part of the Smart Home series that we offer on Createyoursmarthome.nl. All products can be combined with each other via Smart Life, but also with platforms such as Google Home! Feel free to take a look at our other products .

Everything at a glance:

  • Dim your lighting with a smart Zigbee dimmer
  • Dims both LED and incandescent lamps
  • You can also control the dimmer from your smartphone and tablet
  • Never come home in the dark again!
  • Even during your holiday, the lighting can be switched on and off in the evening when you wish
  • Free extensively adjustable app; easy to set up home automation functionalities such as smart clock programs, circuit diagrams, tap-to-run commands, etc.
  • Can be combined with all products of the Smart Life platform