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Smart Home curtain/screen switch - Wifi
Smart Home curtain/screen switch - Wifi

Smart Home curtain/screen switch - Wifi

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Do you have curtains and/or screens for your windows that can be operated automatically with, for example, a switch on the wall? Then this is for you! You can expand your normal switch with this smart WiFi curtain / screen switch! The normal switch retains its function, but now you can also operate the screens from your mobile.

:white_check_mark: Automatically raise screens as soon as it starts to rain

:white_check_mark: Let screens go down automatically when the sun starts to shine brightly. This ensures that your house stays extra cool!

:white_check_mark: Also works with Google Home, for example, so you can even open or close your curtains with your voice.

:white_check_mark: Retain operation of the standard switch

:white_check_mark: Extensively adjustable app; easy to set up home automation functionalities such as smart clock programs, circuit diagrams, tap-to-run commands, etc.

:white_check_mark: Invisible installation behind the standard switch

:white_check_mark: Can be combined with all products of the Smartlife platform; For example, combine this switch with a light sensor to measure the solar intensity or, conversely, twilight

A handy Dutch installation manual is also added to your order! The installation is simple and takes little time:

  1. Turn off the power group
  2. Connect the product according to the connection diagram
  3. Turn the power group back on
  4. Add the module in the Smart Life app
  5. Your product is ready to use!